Collapse: To Fail or Succeed?

In Collapse, Jared Diamond–author of the Pulitzer Prize winning Guns, Germs and Steel (which I admit, is still on my “To Read” list)–examines the life cycle of some of humanities greatest societies.  Easter Island.  The Mayan Empire.  The Vikings.  Modern day Montana.

His writing spans the length of human history and the breadth of planet Earth, and leaves readers with a warning:  when societies become to grand–too large and too greedy–when they outgrow the natural limits of their surroundings and really on hubris rather than reason to get them through hard times, ecological suicide is the inevitable result.

Diamond’s storytelling makes for a compelling read, and each chapter stands more or less on its own, so no need to be intimidated by the dense material.

Collapse should be a cornerstone of any library.  Find it on Amazon here.


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