In short: Stories

I am a creative: a photographer, a writer, a problem-solver.

I am committed to fostering collaboration to achieve balanced multiple uses of our natural resources in order to foster healthy economies and resilient ecosystems.

Our Earth is at a turning point, with an agitated atmosphere, a swelling sea, and diminishing resources.  We face a choice: we can continue on this destructive path, reaping today’s gains at the expense of tomorrow’s existence; we can revert our society to one that lives in total concert with the natural world; or we can find middle ground.

Finding this sustainable way forward will require conversation, and good conversation must be both inspired and informed.

The best chance we have a sustainable future is by each person finding their own inspiration and information through experience–hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or sailing around the globe–but few of us have the opportunity to take on such epic adventures with nature.

The next best thing?  Not scientific journals or ranting news personalities.  Books.  Movies.  Photographs.  In short, stories.  Stories that show us the importance of mankind’s relationship with our planet.


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